Here’s How Yoga Helps on Your Weight Loss Journey

Yoga Classes Davie Gym

Yoga is commonly associated with relaxation and stretching, and while these two words are components to yoga, they do not make up everything that yoga is. What many do not know is that yoga involves just as much breathing exercises and strength exercises as they do relaxation and stretching. These 2 added components can make yoga a great workout regardless of what your fitness goals are. Looking to lose weight? Yoga is a surprisingly great way to lose weight. Especially if you are tired of the tried and true weight-loss method of doing a bunch of cardio. While cardio is great and all, having other ways of getting in shape and losing weight can shake things up a bit. After all, your body can get used to doing the same workout over and over again, making now the perfect time for you to add some yoga into your routine. There truly is nothing that doing yoga regularly can’t help you achieve. If you are interested in trying out yoga, be sure to check out Youfit’s YouGX group fitness yoga classes. Whatever kind of yoga you want to try out, we have it.

Strengthen and Lengthen

The more you do yoga, the more you are going to see the results. Continued yoga classes can result in lengthening and strengthening muscle groups. This, over time, can result in weight loss and a lean body. This lean body develops due to the nature of yoga classes. In class, you are going to be holding difficult postures and poses for small windows of time. During this time you are going to have to squeeze muscle groups to fully stretch into the pose without falling out of it. While you are doing this you are also increasing flexibility. This combination of building muscle but stretching it out can shed those pounds off in no time.

Various Yoga Classes

One of the biggest reasons yoga can contribute to weight loss is through the various types of yoga. The body naturally adapts to certain exercises over time. This is unpreventable. However, to combat becoming adapted to certain exercises you can switch it up from time to time. Now, this is where yoga proves to have an upper hand compared to other methods of exercise. This is especially true at Youfit Davie where we have our YouGX group, fitness classes. We offer all kinds of yoga so you can spice it up as you please. Whether you want to do more of a stretching based yoga or a muscle-building based yoga, we have it. The best part is that anyone who has a Youfit membership can access the YouGX group fitness classes. Don’t have a membership? Reach out to our staff today by phone, or come on by the gym, to set up your membership.

Increased Awareness

One benefit of yoga that many do not know of until they try it is an increase in awareness. This is not only a benefit of yoga but also a weight loss benefit. Yoga encourages you to challenge your body physically and challenge your mind mentally. The more you engage in the exercise the better in tune with your body you will be as a result. Something that many people underestimate during weight loss is this in tune like feeling you soon have after losing weight. Knowing when your body is hungry, or when you are bored, is a great example of being in tuned during weight loss. This is also where mental strength comes in and can make all the difference. As they say, mind over matter. Sometimes we know we can finish that mile or know we can lift that weight, but we don’t. This is where having that mental strength from yoga can push you to challenge yourself in new ways, thus helping with weight loss.

Yoga is a great tool to use to reach your weight loss goals. While many people think of yoga as a relaxing form of exercise, it is far from it. Yoga will not only challenge you physically but mentally. These traits of yoga combined with consistency will help you shed the pounds right off. You’ll even be having so much fun that you won’t even realize that you are working out. Give us a call or stop by our YouFit on State Road 84 in Davie, FL.